General information

  • Date of birth: 25 June 1970
  • Nationality: Ukrainian


Institution (Date from - Date to) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Lviv Polytechnic National University,
Computer Equipment Faculty
computer equipment engineering,
System programming, networks design
Ivan Franko Lviv National University,
International Relations Faculty
International Relations,
International Law
International Organisations.
National School of Government,
London, UK, November 2005
Study course on professional skills for Governments, public administration, in-service trainings design and decentralisation, Management in Civil Service, Regulatory Impact Assessment, Training Needs Assessment, monitoring and Evaluation, European Competencies
National School of Public Administration – KSAP,
Main Civil Service office
February 2006
Study course on in-service trainings structuring, decentralisation of governmental and self-governmental structures in Poland.
KAPE - Polish National Energy Conservation Agency
November 2007
National Energy Efficiency policy development, Energy management, thermomodernisation of the housing sector
Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians, Bydgoszcz dept
October 2009
Energy auditing of buildings, thermovisual analysis of energy loss in buildings
Lviv Polytechnic National University,
November 2009
Energy auditing of buildings, legal aspects of energy saving

Language skills

Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)

Language Reading Speaking Writing
Ukrainian 1 1 1
Russian 1 1 1
Polish 1 1 1
English 1 1 1
French 5 5 5
German 4 4 4

Membership of professional bodies

  • Member of Steering Committee of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum;
  • Public Expert Group with Ukrainian part of the EU-Ukraine Committee;
  • Member of Expert Councils with :
    1. Ministry of Regional development and Construction of Ukraine;
    2. National Academy for Public Administration of Ukraine;
    3. Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine.

Other skills (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)

Governments relations, Project management, Media relations, information campaigns, fundraising, databases design and management, basic Web-pages design, drivers license, energy auditing.

Present position

Energy Cities, Covenant of Mayors – East Team Leader

Years within the firm

2 years

Key qualifications

  • Over 20 years of experience of international projects coordination in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Extensive experience in training needs assessment, administration and delivery to officials at the international, national, regional and local levels
  • Cooperation with donors in the energy security field, energy efficiency, environmental issues, SME development, public administration reform, budget support of EU , USAID, UK GOF, EBRD, World Bank, Embassies. In depth understanding of EU energy policies and agenda. Experience in organising trainings and study visits for energy managers of EaP and Central Asia minicipalities.
  • Cooperation with donors in the energy security field, energy efficiency, environmental issues, SME development, public administration reform, budget support of EU , USAID, UK GOF, EBRD, World Bank, Embassies .
  • Experience in management projects in TACIS countries, knowledge of political and economic environment of Eastern Partnership region. Chaired the Public Administration reform subgroup of EaP Civil Society forum. Closely cooperated with EaP CSF Working group 3 – Environment and Energy.
  • Involved over 40 cities of Ukraine into the energy management and efficiency training programs, improving their capacity of running local energy saving programs. Most of participating cities became members of Energy efficient Cities of Ukraine Association and signed to Covenant of Mayors.
  • Organised printed media, TV programs, School education projects on energy efficiency promotion, co-organised EU Energy Efficiency Week in Ukraine in May 2011, June 2012, June 2013.
  • Designed, developed, fundraised, managed and reported a number of EU funded projects, involving local and international partners.
  • As a team Leader, managed consultancy project for Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of Brussels-based B&S Consultants.
  • Big experience in organising big international conferences, seminars and study visits.

Specific experience in the region

Country Date from - Date to
Poland January 1996-till now
TACIS region January 1996-November 1998
Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia January 1996-November 1998
Ukraine October 1999 – now
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan April 2012- now
Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan April 2012- now
Georgia, Moldova, Armenia Since 2007

Professional experience

Date from - Date to Location Company& reference person (name & contact details) Position Description
Apr 2012 EaP, Central Asia Energy Cities EU Covenant of Mayors – East office Team Leader

Oversight of the project activities with over 130 involved municipalities in 11 counties of Eastern partnership and Central Asia region. Management of the activities in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. Advisory to Key Experts in Caucasus and Central Asia, communication with municipalities, governments of the target countries, EU Delegations, European Commission, International Financial Institutions.

Jan-Dec 2010 Kyiv, Ukraine B&S consultants, Brussels, Belgium Team Leader

As a Team Leader, managed the EU Project “Bridging Support to Institutional Capacity Building for Enhanced Ukraine – EU Cooperation” aimed at supporting Bureau for European Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in :

  1. Strategic planning and M&E tools and techniques approval and further use within BEI activities;
  2. Strengthening and implementation of the methodologies for operational planning and monitoring strengthened by key ministries for in-house AA implementation operational systems;
  3. Support of the Joint reviews of Association Agenda implementation progress.
May-Dec 2011 Kyiv, Ukraine PAUCI Foundation Project Manager

Project aimed at increasing the community awareness about careful attitude to the natural resources of the planet through establishing school centers for environmental education in Ukraine. Generally project aimed at changing attitude of schoolchildren to energy consumption.

Within the project, Centres for environmental education in 10 Ukrainian Schools were equipped with energy measurement equipment, chemical labs ad implemented their pilot two-weeks public activity programs. The activity program included training of community and authorities representatives, carrying out a thermovisual analysis of some municipal buildings, public events by pupils and their parents, press-conferences, work in groups to find alternative ways of energy saving and environmental protection.

Apr-Dec 2010 Kyiv-Warsaw PAUCI Foundation
(Warsaw), Krzysztof Filcek
Deputy Director

The project’s aim was to transfer European, in particular Polish, experience of municipalities and municipal institutions in the sphere of energy management at national and local levels, promote energy efficiency in everyday life, provide training on energy-saving, and prepare the adaptation of best practices to be later implemented in Ukraine.

  • 10 partnership cities (Zhytomyr, Vinnitsya, Cherkasy, Hmilnyk, Konotop, Pavlograd, Nikopol, Kryvy Rig, Khmelnytsky, Pervomaysk) improved their level of energy management, changed their local energy plans and programs, implemented higher standards of energy saving.
  • As the results of study visits of Deputy Heads of city councils, energy managers, school teachers, journalists, city engineers the attitude of the people has been challenged and changed. The cities started to monitor usage of energy applying new instruments. Around 75 persons participated in the study visits to Poland.
  • 400 pupils become actively involved in energy saving activity and education. Ten-hour courses were launched in the participating schools Programs were implemented in the form of “Energy-Saving Weeks” in schools. An additional one-day seminar on methodology of teaching environmental and energy saving subjects in schools was organized in Kyiv for the teachers.
May-Dec 2009 Kyiv-Warsaw PAUCI Foundation
(Warsaw), Krzysztof Filcek
  • Familiarizing the representatives of chosen Ukrainian municipalities with the experience of energy management in Polish cities.
  • Providing the chosen Ukrainian municipalities with qualified personnel - energy auditors able to perform the energy balance and to assess the cost effectiveness of specific solutions applied within the local energy saving programs.
  • Developing and distributing to local governments of the cities participating in the project, other local governments interested in the project subject, as well as to central government agencies a guide for the implementation of urban energy management programs.
  • Collecting and presenting to the Government's working group on national energy strategy examples of problems, activities and solutions related to energy saving utilized in Ukrainian cities.
April 2009 Kyiv, Ukraine Marian Morava
DMI Associates

Within the framework of the support to PCA project implemented by the EU in Ukraine, , provided the analysis of existing Ukrainian legislation on monitoring and evaluation of the Governmental programs to DMI Associates project in Kyiv. Delivered a presentation to a group of civil servants during the training in April 2009

Sep 2008-Feb 2010 Kyiv, Ukraine EC Delegation Ukraine Matthew Green
Project Manager,
EU Delegation to Ukraine

Since 2008, PAUCI Foundation provides information and policy advice to Ukrainian Ministries within Service contract from EC Delegation in Kyiv on Training and Briefings on ENPI issues in Ukraine, under which a training course for civil service and media on mechanisms of ENPI was developed and delivered to 14 ministries and 2 groups of journalists.

Jul-Nov 2008 Kyiv, Ukraine Andrii Vyshnevskyj,
Main Department of Civil Service
Deputy Chief

As a leader of public expert group with the Main Department of Civil Service, provided advise in development of the governmental policy towards civil servants training, resulted in the adoption of the National Programme -Training of Civil Servants in the sphere of EU and NATO integration for 2008-2011. Thіs programme serves as main instruments of in-service training of public servants, who will be involved in approximation of the legislation and administration to EU standards.

Dec 2007-April 2008 Kyiv, Ukraine Iryna Solonenko
European Program
International Renaissance Foundation
Program Director

In 2007-2008 developed monitoring and assessment criteria to measure the impact of the National Programme of Training the Civil Servants in the sphere of EU and NATO integration for 2004-2007. Report was highly evaluated by Vice-Prime Minister Nemyria and led to creation of a new edition of the program for 2008-2011. A number of improvements and changes, outlined in the recommendations, were included into the new Governmental Programme.

Jul-Dec 2008 Kyiv, Ukraine Jan Pieklo,
Warsaw, Poland

In 2008, organised a team of lecturers and trainers from Ukraine and Poland to increase general awareness on ENP issues in Ukraine. Under the support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 30 trainings in 10 cities of Ukraine (Sumy, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol, Kherson, Nikolaiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk). 470 representatives of target groups gained knowledge about the ENP, principles of financial support under the ENPI, practical benefits for the specified groups coming from active participation of Ukraine in the ENP.

Sep 2005-May 2008 Kyiv, Ukraine Victoria Burachenko,
Global Opportunities Fund UK Embassy
Program Coordinator

In 2005-2008, under support of UK Global Opportunities Fund, as a team leader, organised the work of consortium of National School of Government in London and National School for public Administration in Warsaw, under which a group of experts implemented a project “European Governance skills to Ukraine”, introducing the modern management skills training courses for civil servants in Ukraine at national and regional levels.
Organised training needs assessment among top servants of 7 Ukrainian Ministries. Supervised the work of development teams of 5 training courses ( Strategic Planning, Change management, Policy Analysis, Regulatory Impact assessment, HR management).
Within 2007- 2008, organised over 40 trainings delivered both to the national ministries (over and 400 regional and 400 top civil servants.)

2005 till now Kyiv Jan Pieklo,
PAUCI Foundation

Full administration of the Ukrainian Office of the Foundation, including staff, financial, communication and fundraising and reporting.
The priorities of the Foundation include:

  • Development of cross-border projects between Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Georgia
  • Communication with Government, International organisations in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Communication with Media.
  • Advocacy for closer integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures
  • Administrative and local government reform
  • Top Civil servants training
  • Ethical standards in public life
  • Energy saving in public buildings
  • Youth empowerment
  • SME development
  • Macroeconomic reform
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
1999-2005 Warsaw,
Freedom House, PAUCI Initiative,
Jan Pieklo,
PAUCI Foundation

Setting-up Warsaw Office of the Foundation, developing the informational exchange and procedures systems at Kyiv office, full range of responsibilities for grant-making. Promotion of the Initiative among NGO communities, Governments, Media. Communication with the USAID, Ukrainian Government, Foreign donors, monitoring the on-going projects, and legal environment.
KEY Focus Areas:

  • Advocacy for closer integration with European and Euro-Atlantic structures
  • Administrative and local government reform
  • Media Development
  • Top Civil servants training
  • Ethical standards in public life
  • Energy saving in public buildings
  • Youth empowerment
  • SME development
  • Macroeconomic reform
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
January 1996-November 1998 Warsaw, Brussels European Human Rights Foundation under the contract with European Commission, DG1A, later RELEX Foundation office was closed, the reference person – David Geer, desk officer for Ukraine, DG Relex

Promotion of the Programme in NIS/ CEEC countries. Needs assessment missions, Monitoring and supervising funded projects, assessing reports, all other tasks related to realisation and management of the 20 Mln EURO/year Phare/Tacis Democracy Programme of the European Commission in Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, partly in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Russia.

Other relevant information (e.g., Publications)

Oversight of 3 big international Annual hi-level International Forums

  • Black Sea Synergy – focusing on the security issues in Black Sea region, involving media, think-tanks and governments of the countries the area, involving participants from Black sea region countries.
  • Polish-Ukrainian Business Forum, an annual platform for informal discussions of Polish and Ukrainian businesses with Governments
  • Kyiv Dialogue – Annual Ukraine-Germany forum, reviewing most pressing issues of Ukraine-Germany relations.
  • Nordic Security Forum – focusing on the development of security in Black-Baltic see regions, involving participants from Georgia and Moldova.

In 2007 edited and supervised publication of the training courses on Modern Interactive Training methods for adults, and video training course of ethical behaviour for public servants “Dilemmas”.

Supervised the work of development teams of 5 training courses ( Strategic Planning, Change management, Policy Analysis, Regulatory Impact assessment, HR management) for top civil servants in Ukraine. 10 handbooks were published and distributed within existing education.