Thursday, 15 Jan 2015

The consultations were held between ExPE and GIZ project in Ukraine

Igor Cherkashyn , the Head-coordinator of public organization "The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency" held a meeting with the Director of GIZ project "Establishment of energy agencies in Ukraine", Robert Künne. During the meeting parties discussed the prospects of joint-cooperation regarding the project implementation on development of regional energy agencies both in pilot Oblasts, which were selected by GIZ, and in other Oblasts of Ukraine that expressed their interest in structuring process of the regional energy efficiency policy and renewable energy development based on best European practices.

Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014

The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency is establishing cooperation with the Baltic countries

In the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine was held a meeting between the representatives of The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE) and the officials of the Republic of Lithuania, Mission Fund “Unija 1219”, “The Baltic way” platform, international financial companies and the business community.

Gvidas Kerušauskas, Minister-Counsellor of the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine, opened the meeting stating that Republic of Lithuania strongly supports European aspirations of Ukraine. Currently Ukraine faced significant challenges in energy sector, which is very clear and relevant to Lithuania. This requires urgent and decisive actions. Reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency is critical, effective and economically justified that confirms the experience of Lithuania.

Wednesday, 03 Dec 2014

The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency held consultations with the DENA

On December 03, 2014 was held the working meeting between Igor Cherkashyn, Head of the Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE), Sergiy Lyeyvikov, expert of the Platform, with Ulrich Benterbusch, Managing Director of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (DENA).

Thursday, 27 Nov 2014

The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency held consultations with Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

The members of the Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE) Oleksandr Boyko, Mykola Kolomyichenko, Svyatoslav Pavlyuk, Oleksii Khabatiuk and Igor Cherkashyn met with representatives of EU Delegation to Ukraine – Walter Tretton, Head of Operation Section for Energy, Transport and Environment and Sergiy Ladny, Coordinator of “Energy Efficiency” sector.