• Date: 
    Friday, 26 Dec 2014

    The experts are being acquainted with the equipment operation of Ukrainian manufacturer.

    Experts of ExPE, Boyko, Kolomyichenko, Pavlyuk on the enterprise "Kameliya" the village Kniazhychi, Kyiv Oblast.
    The boiler factory on solid-biofuel was commissioned (wood chips, pellets made of straw, chopper straw), with capacity up to 7 MW manufactured by “Kriger” (Ukraine). Both an enterprise and the boiler factory inspire respect and techno aesthetic enjoyment. Everything is performed correctly by experts of Leonid Kriger.

  • Date: 
    Tuesday, 23 Dec 2014

    Expert of the Platform stands for the formation of consciousness

    On December 23, 2014 on press-conference in UNIAN environmental specialists told about the need to reform the country to meet the requirements of environmental protection, human health and innovations. The representatives of three main segments: public organization, scientific expert community and government together presented publications “Towards Green Growth: monitoring of the progress in Ukraine” and the Program “The Greening Economies in the EU Eastern Neighborhood”.

  • Date: 
    Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014

    Public-Private Partnership: Prospects of Improving Legislation

    Almost 4 years ago it was an active discussion in housing and communal sector regarding “what is better – to harmonize legislation in this field based on a new conceptual model or to make quick cosmetic amendments to certain laws”. It was stopped at the latter as it was quicker. Three years have passed since that moment. The result is obvious. And that is one more argument for complex development of the PPP legislation. If we decide to move in this direction, than the Model PPP Law could become a basis for a deep understanding of the problems that exist in this field in Ukraine and ensuring of system development of the legislation. At the same time, of course, it is necessary to maximally consider the current situation with legal regulation of concessions not to make harm. But we should not be afraid of breaking the formed understanding of PPP if it assist in creation of favorable environment for investments in infrastructure modernization and in overcoming the lack of trust of the society to business and state authorities.


  • Date: 
    Saturday, 13 Dec 2014

    Expert of the Platform in cooperation with CBA project EU / UNDP visited Prykarpattia region

    The national expert of EU/UNDP project “Community based approach to local development – II”, Igor Cherkashyn, visited Prykarpattya region during December 11-12. He considered an issue of the progress of micro-projects implementation regarding introduction of special piloting of energy efficiency component.

    Within the framework of mentioned activities during 2013-2014years in the region were implemented 11 micro-projects in village communities of Tysmenytsia, Halych, Rozhniativ, Rohatyn and Kosiv raions worth a total of 3 mln hryvnas (UNDP co-financing – UAH 1.8 mln).

  • Date: 
    Saturday, 13 Dec 2014

    The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency is establishing cooperation with Montenegro

    President of Ukrainian Pellet Union (UPU), Mykola Kolomyichenko, was invited by the Government of Montenegro and the municipalities to hold the consultations on cooperation regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency during 29.11.2014 – 2.12.2014.
    During his working trip several companies and municipal facilities, including industrial park, were visited.
    Negotiations on cooperation and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects with the Deputy Mayor of Cetinje, Montenegro, Ana Nikolić, and Deputy Minister of Economy, Dragica Sekulić, were held.
    It was agreed to sign the memorandum of cooperation between the government of the country and ExPE on developing Montenegro government programs of sustainable development and efficient use of resources.

  • Date: 
    Friday, 12 Dec 2014

    Both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched!: hasten the EU legislation on energy efficiency to Ukraine

    On December 12, 2014 at 11.00, in media center “Segodnya ultimedia”was held the video interview regarding: “Both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched! : hasten the EU legislation on energy efficiency to Ukraine”.

    Guest experts:
    - Oleksii Khabatiuk, Deputy Head of The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE), Director of the Environmental (Green) Investment Fund;
    - Olexander Boyko, expert of the ExPE, Chairman of the Energy Service Union of Ukraine;
    - Mykola Braslavets – Secretary of the ExPE; Head of Control and Supervisory Department in State Agency on Energy Efficiency, Kyiv Regional office;
    - Yuriy Gladyshchev – Head of separated structural subdivision “Kyiv Combined Heat Power Plant (CHPP)” of PJSC “KYIVENERGO”

  • Date: 
    Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014

    The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency is establishing cooperation with the Baltic countries

    In the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine was held a meeting between the representatives of The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE) and the officials of the Republic of Lithuania, Mission Fund “Unija 1219”, “The Baltic way” platform, international financial companies and the business community.

    Gvidas Kerušauskas, Minister-Counsellor of the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine, opened the meeting stating that Republic of Lithuania strongly supports European aspirations of Ukraine. Currently Ukraine faced significant challenges in energy sector, which is very clear and relevant to Lithuania. This requires urgent and decisive actions. Reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency is critical, effective and economically justified that confirms the experience of Lithuania.