Thursday, 27 Nov 2014

The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency held consultations with Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine

The members of the Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency (ExPE) Oleksandr Boyko, Mykola Kolomyichenko, Svyatoslav Pavlyuk, Oleksii Khabatiuk and Igor Cherkashyn met with representatives of EU Delegation to Ukraine – Walter Tretton, Head of Operation Section for Energy, Transport and Environment and Sergiy Ladny, Coordinator of “Energy Efficiency” sector.

During the meeting Igor Cherkashyn, Head of ExPE, informed European colleagues about the establishment and key tasks of the ExPE. In particular he emphasized, that ExPE is non-political and non-partisan association of experts, which aim is to unite energy efficiency and renewable energy experts to accelerate the implementation its with the best available practices in Ukraine, in particular, European practices. Mr. Cherkashyn assured European colleagues, that ExPE is ready to provide competent assistance to European partners both in identification, pre-project evaluation of ideas how to support Ukraine in institutional, technical aspects and in monitoring and assessment of their implementation efficiency.

Mr. Tretton welcomed mentioned initiative and pointed out, that it fully conforms with EU principles in relation to widest involvement of non-governmental organizations and expert community to this work. He also noted that EU currently develops updated plans of supporting Ukraine in these areas, which will require qualified expert assessment to increase an efficiency of such support.

The parties agreed to continue joint consultations of Ukrainian and European experts to determine further plan of actions in the sphere of energy efficiency and renewable energy.