Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015 - Thursday, 15 Oct 2015

EXPE is a media partner of the SEF-2015 Kyiv

SEF-2015 Kyiv Energy Arsenal to Present Solutions for Autonomous Power Supply of Industrial and Private Consumers of Ukraine

‘Energy Arsenal’ will be held this autumn in the capital of Ukraine for the first time.
SEF-2015 Kyiv, the 7th International Sustainable Energy Forum and Exhibition on “Independent Power Supply, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy of Ukraine” will be held on 14-15 October 2015 in a famous exhibition centre of NSC “Olimpiyskiy” located in Kyiv downtown.

In 2015, SEF-2015 Kyiv will continue the line of industrial business events that had been held for last 6 years under brand REF (Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum) and recognized by the energy market participants as a key industry platform in Eastern Europe for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

This year’s event will take place in a fundamentally new format aimed at delivering maximum energy solutions to all energy consumers – from industrial and commercial objects to individual households and even apartments.

In 2015, SEF (Sustainable Energy Forum) will focus on the sustainable development of the energy sector, the main component of which is a stable energy supply (with the help of renewable energy sources) to private and industrial consumers.

In 2014, for the first time for the last 20 years, there was the state of emergency in the energy sector in Ukraine, and most industrial and private consumers faced with “planned” and unscheduled electricity supply shutdowns. In addition, there has been a steady trend of growth of tariffs for electricity as well as heat and natural gas in terms of economic stagnation, that is why the requirements for businesses on energy efficiency is becoming much higher.

An additional negative factor for Ukrainian enterprises and private consumers of energy is the almost complete lack of available instruments for financing long term and short term projects.

The Ukrainian energy consumers can be divided into two categories: those who are ready for quick and effective solutions to ensure a stable energy supply and reduce energy consumption today and those who will definitely have to do it later, but they will pay a high price for their delay.

SEF-2015 Kyiv is the event for business and society, for progressive and active people who are ready today to set modern technological solutions against adverse market factors and circumstances, and discover the business opportunities for the further development even in a crisis.

SEF-2015 Kyiv is the industry exhibition that will demonstrate the technical solutions and equipment to ensure independent power supply for companies of real estate objects, settlements and private households.

SEF-2015 Kyiv is the forum which brings together three conference areas: “Independent Power Supply”, “Energy Efficiency of Industry and Agriculture”, and “Renewable Energy” and seminars for professionals and a wide range energy consumers, also the specially equipped area for business negotiations will be created.

UWEA became a strategic partner of SEF-2015 Kyiv Energy Arsenal, and the chairman of the Association Mr. Andriy Konechenkov is a member of the Organizing Committee and Expert Board of the Forum.

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