Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015

Experts welcome the Government's decision on reducing norms of unreasonable gas cancellation costs for demands of public

Experts of the Platform welcome the decision of the Government of Ukraine to meet the requirements of the public and expert community on reducing overestimated norms of gas consumption by public without metering devices. We look forward to continue the practice in heat energy and water supply questions. We consider that this will lead to early solution of the problem concerning full/complete/general instrumental metering of energy consumption in Ukraine.

29.04.2015 № 237
On Amendment of the rate of natural gas
consumption by public in the absence
of the gas meters

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolve:
To introduce to the norms of natural gas consumption by public in the absence of the gas meters, declared by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 8th, 1996, № 619 (Law of Ukraine, 1996, № 13, article 360; Official gazette of Ukraine, 1998, № 23, article 834; 2001, № 26, article 1164; 2002, № 44, article 2031; 2014, № 73, article 2064), following amendments:

in the column “Norms of consumption” figures “6”, “9” and “18” should be replaced accordingly to figures “3”, “4,5” and “9”;

in the first paragraph clause 5 of the notes to the norms the figure “9” should be replaced by the figures “4,5”.

Prime Minister of Ukraine – Arseniy Yatsenyuk