Monday, 12 Jan 2015

Olga Kosharna: Russia may lose a nuclear fuel markets in EU and Ukraine

Olga Kosharna, the expert of ExPE, director of Information and Public Relations of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association, in the broadcast of “Socialna Kraina” channel speaks about documents falsification regarding radiation leak at Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station, as well as the future of Russia on the energy market of Europe.
The market of Ukraine is the arena of struggle between Russian company «TVEL», supplying nuclear power to Ukrainian NPP, and U.S.-Japan Company “Westinghouse Electric”. Ukraine has 15 nuclear power plant units. Annual amount of USD 600 million is the market volume, which we buy in Russian Federation.

Media war against «Westinghouse» company in fact begins in 2008, when the first commercial contract was signed on supplying the nuclear fuel to 3 Ukrainian nuclear units. This war still is not over. To begin with, the fuel qualification project of the «Westinghouse» company lasts from 2000. The first six fuel assemblies were loaded into the unit number 3 on the South Ukraine NPP. More assemblies were loaded in 2010. After that “TVEL” company begins hysteria making statements using politicians, statesmen and incomprehensible experts.

Our market is big enough for “Rosatom”, because we buy fuel, providing the half of foreign currency earnings of “TVEL” company, which, in turn, produces the fuel. Moreover, it is indicative to them by virtue of the fact that they are willing to conquer the market, including European. But during 2014 the situation has changed. They will lose European market. Today sixteen Soviet nuclear reactors operate in Europe and “TVEL” company is the fuel supplier there. After the situation with Ukraine, the Europeans developed the European Energy Security Strategy. Previously the issue was only about security of supply, but now the security rate has increased. The document was released on 28 May 2014. For the first time it is directly stated in the document about the risk of fuel supply disruption to mentioned above sixteen nuclear reactors due to the political reasons. The document states that Russia is the only country that links fuel supply to its reactors forever. In mid-December 2014 in Brussels was held a meeting of experts who examined the applications in order to ensure security of the fuel supply from another supplier to reactors. The two million Euro grant was given for this purposes.

Source: "The Social Country"