Monday, 12 Jan 2015

Olga Kosharna: Russia may lose a nuclear fuel markets in EU and Ukraine

Olga Kosharna, the expert of ExPE, director of Information and Public Relations of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association, in the broadcast of “Socialna Kraina” channel speaks about documents falsification regarding radiation leak at Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Station, as well as the future of Russia on the energy market of Europe.
The market of Ukraine is the arena of struggle between Russian company «TVEL», supplying nuclear power to Ukrainian NPP, and U.S.-Japan Company “Westinghouse Electric”. Ukraine has 15 nuclear power plant units. Annual amount of USD 600 million is the market volume, which we buy in Russian Federation.

Thursday, 19 Feb 2015

Nuclear energy can be a formula of success for the energy security of Ukraine.

Politicians in Ukraine have always used Ukraine nuke plant map as a “bogeyman”. In fact, the nuclear energy can guarantee our energy security. Or vice versa, because Ukraine still pays the bills of Russia for energy storage on our nuclear plants. Nuclear specialists all over the world are the elect of the energy science to whom others normally listen and respect, why do we have the opposite situation – our guest, Olga Kosharna, raises the question.
Today Russia again theatricalizes in internet nuclear “bogeyman” by spreading fakes.