Sector of state management of energy efficiency and renewable energy development

Experts aim at establishing cooperation with the newly elected Parliament, Government and European institutions, public and profession associations, international financial institutions, other stakeholders in development of draft legal acts and providing unbiased professional opinions on issues related to the formulation and implementation of energy efficiency policy, building public awareness on coming unpopular reforms, which will certainly generate a lot of public debates.
Platform will also facilitate the implementation of the EU Directives - the EU Framework Directive on energy efficiency and efficient energy production from renewable energy sources and alternative fuels - 2012/27 / EC (for energy efficiency), 2010/31 / EC (energy efficient buildings), 2006/32 / EC (on energy end use efficiency and energy services) and 2009/28 / EC (on the promotion of the use of energy generated from renewable sources) and others EC regulations, associated with them.

Wednesday, 21 Jan 2015

The experts of public organization “ExPE” prepared the Concept of the Law of Ukraine “On efficient use of fuel and energy resources”

The experts of public organization “The Expert Platform for Energy Efficiency” developed and officially addressed to the attention of Hennadii Zubko (Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine) the draft Concept of the Law of Ukraine “On efficient use of fuel and energy resources” for examination and further decision-making for approval by the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine.