General data

  • Date of birth: 27.05.1951
  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Marital status: married
  • Citizenship: Ukraine


Educational Institution Specialty
Poltava Engineering and Construction Institute (1968-1973) Engineer-Constructor (Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation)
Training Centre of Energy Managers and Energy Auditors on the basis of the Institute of Energy Saving and Management “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” 2004; 2008; 2011. Energetic Audit

*) I consider the participation in Special American Business Internship Training /SABIT/ “Energy Efficiency in Construction”, the USA, 12.01.-09.02.2013, as a part of my education (advance vocational training)

Language skills

(from 1 to 5, where 5 is maximal grade)

Language Reading Speech Writing
Ukrainian 5 5 5
Russian 5 5 5

Membership and participation in professional organizations

  • Member of the Management Board of International Association of Thermal and Energetic Companies "MATEK";
  • Member of the Management Board of Union of Energy Service of Ukraine;
  • Member of the Management Board of Advisory Committee on Stable Energy Development of Poltava city";
  • Advisor of the Head of Poltava Regional Council on the matters of energy efficiency;
  • Member of the Working Group on Energy and Environment of Poltava city.

Other skills

  1. Experience of establishment and management of the activity of mounting and construction, engineering companies. (Striving to my goal I have studied the experience of the United States and made every effort to establish Energy Service Company. I hope that my intentions will come true when Ukraine provides a climate promoting the development of real energy services).
  2. Experience of participation in the establishment of professional associations and unions.
  3. Experience of the development and implementation of service maintenance of heat generating equipment and heat supply systems (including state-financed entities).
  4. Experience of complex implementing energy efficiency projects: energy audit - working project – complete equipment - installation – commissioning and start-up – service maintenance. (Energy Service Principle).
  5. Experience of performing technical and economic grounding for the implementation of energy efficiency projects.
  6. Experience of carrying out complex ecological, as well as, thermal and technical testing fuel consumption equipment. I am a member of the authoring team on the development of "Guidance manual on providing complex ecological and heat engineering testing of gas and fuel oil-operated boilers" Kyiv, 1992, Gas Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, edited by the Professor I.Y.Sigal.
  7. Experience of introduction of heat pumps and sewage treatment facilities of Ukraine (Poltava, Gorishni Plavni (former Komsomolsk), Sumy).
  8. Experience of developing working projects on complex thermal modernization of public and state-financed facilities.
  9. Confident user: MSOffice (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Microsoft Project) and Internet.
  10. ABK / Professional Estimated Program / skills.

Basic qualifications

  • I have experience of cooperation with "East Europe Fund" and the Program of cooperation for Central and Eastern Europe countries (Program EcoLinks). Though I have no experience of cooperation with USAID, EBRD, GIZ, I have studied their activity (not always having positive assessments).
  • Experience of interaction with the representatives of Regional and District State Administrations, Municipalities, heads of the enterprises on the mattes of development and implementation of projects, measures and programs on energy efficiency.
  • For 20 years I have been a supporter of the ideology of Energy Service and Performance Contracts. I have established the company that operates on the principles of responsibility for the outcome.
  • For many years I have been accumulating experience in conducting energy audits and developing technical and economic groundings. I'm constantly working on improving the methodology of the energy audit. I do not think that the profession of energy auditor shall be considered as a profession of masses. In addition to the existence of "energy audit calculators", the auditor should have not only an educational background, but also a considerable experience and certain important qualities.
  • I pay special attention to the energy audit of municipal heat supply enterprises and to the analysis of their activity. I have my own vision for the development perspectives of such enterprises.
  • I am actively accumulating experience for the development of creation methodology of building energy model, which will create new mechanisms for assessment of energy efficiency, introduction of energy efficiency measures, monitoring energy usage and introduction of energy management. I have studied the experience of American company «TheWeidsGroup» in the city of Des Moines, Iowa State, the USA, which has been successfully working on this topic. I am sure that introduction of a new regulatory framework in terms of energy efficiency in Ukraine, which shall be considered as an implementation of European standards, will provide great opportunities in this area.
  • Experience of long-term complex cooperation with Municipal enterprise "Poltavavodokanal" on the issues of heat supply. The enterprise National Exhibition Center «Teplokomplekt» together with the Municipal enterprise "Poltavavodokanal" is a participant of All-Ukrainian contest "TOP- Energy Efficiency 2008" on the theme of "Complex program of improving energy efficiency of heat supply systems of the objects of the Municipal enterprise "Poltavavodokanal".
  • In the mid-90s, on the basis of the agreement on joint activity concluded with ME "Poltavavodokanal", the enterprise "Teplokomplekt" established the first laboratory on the inspection of water and heat meters in Poltava.
  • In 2001 the company "Teplokomplekt" became the winner of the contest conducted by the State Committee on Energy Efficiency between energy auditors on the matter of heating supply of the objects of state-financed sector.

Profession and experience

Date: 10.1973 – 06.1977
Location: Russian Federation, the city of Krasnoyarsk -26
Company: Scientific -Research and Design Institute of Complex and Energetic Technologies
Function: Engineer, Chief Engineer, Group Head of the Department of Heat Supply and Ventilation
Description: Design of the objects of mechanical engineering, nuclear cogeneration plants, scientific and research institutions and public buildings. The most complicated and interesting objects: Scientific and Research Institute of Nuclear Reactors in the city of Dymytrovgrad; Auto-Aggregate Plant in the city of Dymytrovgrad; Nuclear Cogeneration Plant in the village of Novo-Mykolaiivsk on Amur.
Date: 06.1977 – 12.1989
Location: Poltava, Ukraine
Company: Poltava plant «Znamia»
Function: Head of the Bureau of Heat Supply, Ventilation and Conditioning Service of the Chief Energy Engineer
Description: Design and operation of heating supply, ventilation, air-conditioning systems and boiler house. Development and introduction of the systems of electronic hygiene provision for the electronic industry enterprises (high-precision maintenance of the temperature, humidity and air purity in the production premises). Provision of residential area with heating energy.
Date: 1990 – 1993
Location: Poltava, Ukraine
Company: Small Private Enterprise «Teploekonaladka»
Function: Chief Engineer (founder of the enterprise)
Description: Commissioning and start-up works on fuel-operated equipment, installation and maintenance of boiler and heat-generating houses.
Date: 09.1993 – present
Location: Poltava, Ukraine
Company: Private Enterprise National Exhibition Center «Teplokomplekt»
Function: Director
Description: Throughout the whole period of company’s activity – acting as a Director and Project Manager. Participation in the execution of works on the development of technical solutions, conducting technical and economic grounding and energy audit of residential and public buildings. Participation in the development and implementation of regional programs of public buildings sanitation. Performance of works on energy audit in many objects, including: enterprises "Poltavateploenergo", heating supply systems of the city of Obukhiv, Kyiv region, the coal mines of Donetsk region, public buildings of Poltava region and others including the building of Poltava Regional Council Cooperation with the Heads of Poltava Multi-Apartment Residential Building Co-Owners Associations in terms of improvement of energy efficiency of multi-apartment residential buildings.

From November, 2006 till April, 2008 I have been temporarily working as an Executive Director of the Limited Liability Company "Spetsinzhyniryng" in the city of Kyiv. I was engaged in the design, construction, installation, adjustment and operation of high-tech, energy efficient boiler-houses and other objects of thermal power, elite objects, including the hotel "Intercontinental", Public and Business Center "Leonardo" and others


  • Acknowledgements from Poltava mayors.
  • Acknowledgements and Award Pin from Kyiv mayors.
  • Acknowledgements from the President of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs


Author and co-author of over than 20 publications in magazines of Ukraine on the issues of ecology, adjustment of fuel-operated equipment, municipal heat supply, energy saving and energy efficiency:

  • "Gas Industry» no. 9, 1992; no.11 1993;
  • "Municipal Services of Ukraine» no. 4, 1991;
  • "Eco-technologies and Recourse-Saving» no.2, no.3 1993;
  • "Energy Saving Technologies and Automation" All-Ukrainian magazine, no.6-7 2001
  • "Housing and Utilities Services of Ukraine» no. 2, no. 8, 2009
  • "Heating and Water Supply, Ventilation» Specialized All-Ukrainian edition, no. 3, 2003, no.1 2004, and others.

The practical materials on the following issues, such as the experience of performance of enterprises and buildings energy audits, problems of municipal heating supply and "gas replacement", ecology of cities, introduction of complex thermal modernization, discussion of the draft laws on energy efficiency and many more, are regularly published on the web-site of the company "Teplokomplekt» ( ).