General information

  • Date of birth: 18/07/1963
  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Civil Status: married


Institution Specialty:
The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” Electrical Engineer (incomplete higher education)
International Institute of Management LINK, Regional center in Kyiv Management
Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management (IEE) within the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Energy management and audit

Language skills

Language Reading Speaking Writing
Ukrainian 5 5 5
Russian 5 5 5

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Working Group of Experts on Energy and Energy Efficiency in Ministry of regional development and housing and communal services of Ukraine

Other skills

  1. Experience in establishing and organization of engineering and energy services companies.
  2. Preparation, establishment, registration, administration, certification of company activity in accordance with requirements ІSО 9001, 50001, licensing of engineering companies, energy service companies.
  3. Advances User: MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Microsoft Project)
  4. Competent Internet user and related application software.
  5. Skills in using professional software: 1С, АВК etc.

Present Position

LLC "DTEK", Executive Office – , Directorate of Strategy and Business Development, Deputy Director of the Project Group for Energy Efficiency

Number of years on positions related to energy efficiency and environmental safety:


Key qualifications

Experience and Skills in:

  • Cooperation with USAID, EBRD, IFC, GIZ etc.
  • long experience in cooperation with representatives from ministries and agencies of Ukraine, regional and district authorities, municipality, directors of industrial enterprises with different profile related to preparation, development and implementation of projects, policies and programs on energy saving and energy efficiency, reconstruction, technical re-engineering of systems and networking sites, structures etc.
  • experience in preparation, registration, business organization of numerous engineering and energy service companies; supporting of engineering system and utility networks of housing, public utility companies, state-funded organizations, building and structures of enterprises, establishment of staff training organizations, obtainment of necessary permits, licenses, certificates in accordance with requirements of State Standard of Ukraine or international standard ISO 9001, and ISO 50 001.
  • studying and implementing working experience of energy service and engineering companies for many years, experience in using performance contracts in order to implement energy efficiency projects by using different funding schemes (banks, private investors, public funding) including projects by involving foreign investments of management companies
  • experience in organizing and investigation of heat supply system, water supply and water sewerage system of localities in Ukraine with further development of energy efficient and ecologically efficient heat supply schemes, optimization schemes of water supply system and sewerage settlements with their further approval with all parties concerned.
  • experience in energy auditing of industrial utilities, municipal and budget facilities, auditing of buildings and further development of thermal modernization projects regardless of technical complexity and subordination.
  • experience in energy auditing and projects development aimed on using renewable energy sources, usage of local fuils.
  • experience in feasibility studies preparation, technical and economic calculations of engineering projects implementation, estimation of investments cost-effectiveness in energy efficiency measures.

Experience in some countries of Eastern Europe and CIS

Country Date from - Date to
Ukraine Since 1998 – present

Professional Experience Record

Date from - Date to Since October 2012 – present
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Company: LLC «DTEK»
Position: Executive Office – , Directorate of Strategy and Business Development, Deputy Director of the Project Group for Energy Efficiency

Key business areas on position: 

  • preparation, implementation of energy audits of enterprises and company divisions (mines, mining processing plants, thermal power plants, combined heat power plants, regional power distribution companies (Oblenergo) by means of own project department, subcontracting organizations and involving international companies;
  • terms of reference preparation, organization and control of energy audits implementation, expert assessment of completed energy audits.
  • preparation of company’s Quality Management System to certification in accordance with international
  • standard ISO 50 001;
  • establishment and organization of Energy Efficiency Commissions in all DTEK divisions;
  • investigation implementation, development of programs and energy efficiency measures;
  • implementation of energy resources accounting systems for all production facilities, preparation, implementation of projects and measures related to energy saving and energy efficiency including the application of performance contract.
  • development of measurement plans and effectiveness verification of M&V in accordance with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).
  • development of Educational plans for energy managers etc.

Performed work:

  • development of questionnaires, tender documentation, agreements, energy audit procedures on pilot companies of “DTEK” LLC as follows: 4 thermal power plants, 4 mining processing plants;
  • direct administration of energy audits organization and implementation;
  • development, coordination and approval of Technical requirements for utility metering system construction and terms of reference on systems implementation, project executive (automatic control and accounting system for energy consumption, technical management of electricity, thermal power, coal, gas, fuel oil, water consumption and water sewerage, compressed air, etc.) on companies of “DTEK” LLC (Generation –Thermal Power Plant, Mines, mining processing plants);
  • Logic Design of energy efficiency measures and projects on production facilities “DTEK” LLC;
  • Development of Procedural Regulations for equipage of Thermal Power Plant with measuring instruments, needed for assessment of operational technical-and-economic indexes; effectiveness determination for core equipment of power supply units in Thermal Power Plants
Date from - Date to Since October 1998 – September 2012 
Location: Ukraine, Slavutych – Kyiv
Company: Ltd Company “ESCO Center”
Positions: General Director

At mine initiative in 1998 it was established a company with following key activities stated in Statute:

  • design, installation and commissioning of ventilation systems, air conditioning and heating, industrial and public buildings and structures;
  • comprehensive implementation of engineering, installation and commissioning services of energy systems, electricity and lighting;
  • pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, express energy audit, comprehensive energy audit;
  • range of design, installation and commissioning works of water systems and sewerage;
  • implementation of energy/thermal supply system by using gas reciprocating generators/cogeneration units;
  • implementation of variable frequency drivers, soft starters and slowdown unit of electric motor;

Energy efficiency activities performed:

  • development of energy passports for companies, building and structures;
  • energy audit of companies and organizations with different form of ownership (including budgetary);
  • energy audit of building and structures (company performed energy audits for more than 400 buildings and structures) including participation as a member of USAID, ERBD, IFC, GIZ programs ;
  • investigation of heat supply system of localities in Ukraine with further development of energy efficient and ecologically efficient heat supply schemes of localities in Ukraine with their further approval (more than 60 performed), including participation as a subcontractor in different USAID programs;
  • investigation of water supply system and sewerage of localities in Ukraine with further development of their optimization schemes and approval with all parties concerned (more than 20 performed);
  • consulting services;


  • Preparation, registration and establishment of engineering-energy service company from scratch, in 2009 Company had 140 regular employee;
  • Workflow Management in Ltd Company “ESCO Center”:
  • Activity management related to maintenance of engineering systems and networks, building utilities in enterprises, organizations, housing, budget organizations;
  • Activity management related to implementation of full range of engineering works, functions of General Designer, EPC Contractor;
  • Company Workflow Management and it departments in 1998-2010:
  1. Department of energy audit and energy efficiency technologies;
  2. Project department;
  3. Department of radiant gas heating;
  4. Department of electrical installation works;
  5. Sales Department of electrically-powered equipment;
  6. Department of electroheating technologies;
  7. Department of ventilation equipment АЕРЕКО»;
  8. Department of Construction works;
  9. Maintenance Department of housing, engineering systems and networks.;
  10. Electrical measuring laboratory;
  • Preparation to Quality Management System certification of energy saving company with requirements of State Standard of Ukraine or international standard ISO 9001:2009;
  • Organization and energy auditing of industrial utilities, municipal and budget facilities, regardless of technical complexity and subordination.
  • Implementation of termal modernization project of residential house and attracting international financial funds and financial institutions.
Date from - Date to September 1987– September 1998
Location: Ukraine, Slavutych
Company: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
  • Plumber on duty,
  • 4th category Engineer-Inspector,
  • Onshore pumping station Engineer,
  • 4th group Deaerator Stack Engineer,
  • 5th group steam turbine Engineer
  • Group 7 Turbine house Chief Engineer, block №3 turbine room №2 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Description: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant equipment exploitation
Date from - Date to January 1984 – August 1987
Location: Ukraine, Pripyat city
Company: «Kyivenergoremont» – Chernobyl permanent combined repair unit of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Position: 3rd and 4th category Repairmen in reactor-turbine units of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Description: Repair of equipment in reactor-turbine units of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Date from - Date to October 1981 – October 1983. Military service
Location: Southern Group of Forces (Hungary)
Date from - Date to June 1981 – October 1981
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Company: Kyiv Aircraft Production Association named after. 50 richya Zhovtnya. Kyiv Aviation Plant
Position: Milling mahine operator 3rd category
Date from - Date to червень 1981 р. -  жовтень 1981 р.
Location: Україна, м. Київ
Company: Київське авіаційне виробниче об’єднання ім. 50-ти річчя Жовтня. Київський авіаційний завод
Position: Фрезерувальник 3-го  розряду
Date from - Date to September 1980 – June 1981
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv Garmatna str. 10
Institution: Vocational School №7
Specialty: Milling mahine operator