General information

  • Date of birth: 16/01/1966
  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Civil Servant, 3rd rank


Name of Institution(s) Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained
Kyiv Technological Institute of Food Industry (1988) Thermal Power Plant Engineer
Intersectoral Institute of Post Graduate Education (1995) Economist-Lawyer

Other Trainings

  1. Internship at the Training Centre of the World Trade Organization in Geneva (Switzerland). "Special Course for Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine". 04/1997 – 05/1997
  2. Internship "Administrative Support to the Process of Integration of Ukraine into the European Union" under the Project "Support to Reforms of the Government and Central Executive Authorities" TACIS EDUK 9802 (Poland). 05/2000 - 12/2000:
    • basics of finance and human resource management;
    • policy into legislation;
    • consultancy skills.
  3. Study course "International Trade", Cairo (Egypt). Regional Information Technology Institute and the Egyptian Fund For Technical Cooperation with Commonwealth States, European Islamic Countries and Newly Independent States, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 06/2001
  4. Study course "Legal Aspects of International Financial Institutions’ Activities" organized by the International Monetary Fund. Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna (Austria). 10/2001 - 11/2001
  5. Study course within the EC Project "Fuel and Energy Professional Development Program" (Kyiv). 06/2003 - 11/2004:
    • gas market legislation and reforming in Ukraine;
    • electricity distribution and transmission tariffs; standards and performance indicators;
    • EU energy policy and legislation;
    • structure of EU energy laws;
    • methodology of legal approximation process of EU energy law
  6. Internship in Energy Regulation Commission, France (Paris). 04/2004
  7. Head of the NERC team under the Project "Strengthening of Managerial Civil Servants’ Professional Capacity on Analysis of Policies and Democratic Procedures of Governmental Decision-Making”. 01/2006 - 09/2006
  8. Study Course “Modern Project Management and ICT Application in Public Administration” under the Project "Strengthening of Democracy and Civil Service Potential in Ukraine". 10/2008
  9. Study Course "Program of Leadership Improvement” Nordic training international, 2009:
    • Anti-Crisis technology;
    • Activities of a manager, personal features of a manager;
    • Communications skills of a manager.
  10. Leadership Development Program, 2010, School of Senior Civil Service, National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 03/2009 - 12/2010

Countries of Work Experience



Language Reading Spoken Writing
Russian (Mother tongue) excellent excellent excellent
Ukrainian (Mother tongue) excellent excellent excellent
Англійська good good good

Employment Record

Date (from –to) Employer Positions held
03/2014- present Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine
  • Adviser to the Minister
04/2013 - 03/2014 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Committee on entrepreneurship, regulatory and antitrust policy
  • Assistant - Consultant Head of the Committee
07/2010 – 10/2012 Ukrainian Aaerosols, LLC
  • Deputy Director;
  • Director of Kyiv representative office
04/2008 – 06/2010 Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities
  • Deputy Minister;
  • Director of Department of State Regulation
12/2006 – 03/2008 Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Researches named after O. Razumkov
  • Leading expert on Energy issues
03/2003 – 09/2006 National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine
  • Member of the NERC;
  • Head of Legal Department
10/2001 – 03/2003 Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
  • Deputy Head of the European Integration Department of Economic Policy Authority


04/1995 – 10/2001


Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

  • Deputy Head of Department of international contracts’ legal expertise;
  • First Deputy and Deputy Head of Department of international legal issues
08/1988 – 04/1995 Design Institute “Pivdenzakhiddiproharchprom”
  • Thermal Power Plant Engineer / Mechanical Engineer

Professional experience:

26 years, 13 years of civil service, including over 10 years in managerial administrative positions

Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned

Name of Assignment/Project USAID Project “ Municipal Heating System Reform”
Year 10/2010 – 02/2011
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Law Company “LawEnergyConsult” LLC
Main project features
  • Assessing the draft Law of Ukraine "On State Energy Regulation of Ukraine";
  • Preparing the comments to the draft Law of Ukraine "On Amending the Certain Laws to Develop the Regulation of Public Utilities’ Market";
  • Preparing the CMU Ordinance “On Approval of Distribution Criteria to Assess the Risk from Activities in the Area of Drinking Water, Sanitation, District Heating and to Determine Frequency of Scheduled State Regulation Measures’ Implementation";
  • Analysing the Ukrainian legislation in the field of registration and regulation of heat energy consumption in the market of public utilities;
  • Analysing the legal and regulatory framework to develop the state regulation tools and mechanisms.
Positions held Ніgh level Legal Expert
Activities performed Consulting services; negotiations
Name of Assignment/Project Establishment of Legal Framework for the State Regulation of Natural Monopolies in the Market of Public Utilities
Year 2008-2010
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities
Main project features

Prepared a number of regulations that have been adopted and came into effect:

  • Decree of the CMU (# 932-p, 09/07/2008) "On Approval of the Concept for Development of State Regulation System for Natural Monopolies in the Market of Public Utilities";
  • Decree of the CMU (# 838-p, 11/06/2008) "On Equipping the Residential Buildings with Water and Thermal Energy Meters";
  • Decree of the CMU (# 440-p, 02/04/2009) "On Approval of the Concept for State Target Program of Communal Thermal Energy Sector Modernization”;
  • Decree of the CMU (# 401, 02/04/2009) "On Approval of the Procedure for Development of Regional Programs on Heating Systems’ Modernization"
  • Resolution of the CMU (# 682, 20/05/2009) "On Measures for Modernization of Heating Systems’ "
  • Order of the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities # 223, 24/07/2009 "On Approval of Rules for Connection of Cogeneration Plants to Heating Networks"; Order # 334, 29/10/2009 "Rules for Provision and Coordination of Technical Conditions for Connection to Heating Networks", etc.

Headed the Licensing Commission (issuing the licenses for generation, transportation and supply of thermal energy, water supply and wastewater disposal and control of its fulfillment).

Acquainted with operation of heat pumps and energy efficient equipment in Sweden (Stockholm).

Positions held Deputy Minister, Director of Department of State Regulation
Activities performed
  • Regulation of natural monopolies’ activities in the field of district heating and water supply;
  • Protection of consumer rights in the field of utility services;
  • Licensing in the field of district heating, water supply and sanitation
  • Coordination of state regulation ensuring compliance with laws, standards, regulations, rules, orders and regulations in the field of housing and public services.

Coordinator of Interagency Council on improvement of state regulation of public utilities established by Decree of the CMU # 1062, 26/11/2008;

Member of the Ministry's Board, Public Council, Strategic Council, etc.

Headed the expert group on development of state regulation in the market of public utilities established by Interagency Working Group on development of the National Strategy for heat supply.

Name of Assignment/Project Promotion of Energy Sector Development
Year 2007-2008
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Research named after O. Razumkov
Main project features

Prepared a draft to amend the legislation on establishment of "green" tariff to reconstruct, modernize and construct power facilities; ensuring electricity exports. The draft Law "On the National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine", "On Ukraine's Energy Security."

Drafted the Presidential Decree "On State Regulation of Natural Monopolies".

Preparing the proposals to legislative amendments in the field of energy efficiency and implementation of energy audit

Positions held Leading Expert on Energy Sector
Activities performed
  • Preparing the expert opinions, round-tables, publications on functioning of electricity sector;
  • Preparing the independent opinions on necessity of legislative amendments in the area of electricity, thermal power sectors, energy saving for the Committee of the Verhovna Rada on Fuel and Energy Sector, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety
Name of Assignment/Project Strengthening of Regulator’s Role in Ukrainian Energy Sector
Year 2005-2006
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine
Main project features
  • Preparing the GREEN PAPER on strengthening of the regulator’s role in electricity sector Ukraine (analysis of the problem, its causes, identification and evaluation of possible solutions)
  • Discussing the GREEN PAPER with the stakeholders
  • Preparing the WHITE PAPER "State Regulation of Ukrainian Energy sector" – strategy of the reform implementation (harmonization with EU standards), specifying necessary legislative and institutional changes to implement reforms
  • Discussing the WHITE PAPER with the stakeholders, relevant state authorities, regulation entities, public and mass media
  • Presenting the final White Paper at a conference with representatives of the European Commission.
  • Member of the Committee on licensing and competition within the Regional Association of Energy Regulation Authorities in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia (ERRA), Hungary.
Positions held Member of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission of Ukraine, Head of Legal Department
Activities performed
  • Legal acitivity on state regulation of natural monopolies and related electricity markets, oil and gas sector. In particular, organization of NERC activity on licensing and legal aspects of the Commission (analysis of existing and development of new regulations, harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU law).
  • Relations with the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Headed a working group on "legislative basis and regulation of Ukrainian wholesale electricity market” within Interagency Commission for Coordination of activity on implementation of the Concept for functioning and development of Wholesale Electricity Market.
  • Activities on harmonisation of Ukrainian legislation in energy sector with the EU law as a priority area of legislation and cooperation with the Parliament of Ukraine, practice of usage of existing legislation in the field of electricity, oil and gas sector, legal expertise of drafts of laws and regulations, which are submitted to NERC for consideration, drafting the laws and regulations, their approval, including those drafts consistent with the main provisions of the EU legislation.
  • Headed the working group on preparation of the first TWINNING project in Ukraine “Institutional Support to NERC on Regulation of Natural Monopolies’ Entities and Entities Operating in Adjacent Markets", which came into effect in 10/2006
Name of Assignment/Project Drafting the Concept for Program on Harmonization of Ukrainian Legislation with EU Law
Year 2001
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Main project features
  • Preparing and coordinating the training programs for Ukrainian civil servants on EU law within TACIS Project: "Legal Studies in Ukraine: Kyiv and Certain Regions."

  • Expertise of Ukrainian legislation for its compliance with the EU requirements, analysis of implementation of the Program on Ukraine's integration into the EU approved by the President of Ukraine

Positions held Deputy Head of the European Integration Division of Economic Policy Department
Activities performed

Coordinating fulfillment of tasks related to organizational, analytical, informational support to the Government, Governmental Committees, management of the Government and the Secretariat as well as the Commissioner of Ukraine on European integration, in particular:

  • Cooperation with the European Union and its constituent group arising from the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Ukraine and the European Communities and their Member States as well as the implementation of the Strategy and Programme of Ukraine's integration into the European Union;
  • Attraction and use of the European Union assistance including macro-financial and grant assistance;
  • Meeting the Ukraine’s commitments due to its accession to the European Council with regard to Ukraine's integration into the system of European law;
  • Harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with EU law etc.
Name of Assignment/Project  
Year 1995-2001
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
Main project features
  • Member of Interagency Working Group on coordination and monitoring of preparation and implementation of the project on completion of Khmelnitskiy NPP-2 and Rivne NPP-4,
  • Member of Interagency Ukrainian-Polish Commission on trade and economic cooperation,
  • Working group on preparation of legal framework for trade liberalization between Ukraine and Slovak Republic etc.
  • Member of Ukrainian official delegations during negotiations with the EBRD, IBRD, EC with the following countries: Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  • Member of the working group drafting the Law "On Electricity Sector";
  • Drafting of international contracts,
  • Member of official delegation,
  • Preparing the legal opinions for the Guarantee (Loan) agreements between Ukraine and the EBRD, IBRD to become effective. In particular: Guarantee Agreement (Export Development Project) between Ukraine and the IBRD, Memorandum between Ukrainian Government of and Japanese Export-Import Bank as a governmental institution of Japan on provision of loans and guarantees to Ukraine; Guarantee Agreement (Ukrainian Railways Development Project) between Ukraine and the EBRD Guarantee Agreement (2nd Line of Credit for SMEs’ development) between Ukraine and the EBRD; Guarantee Agreement (Modernization Project after Completion of Khmelnitskiy NPP-2 and Rivne NPP-4) between Ukraine and the EBRD
Positions held Deputy Director of Department, First Deputy Head of Division, Deputy Head of Division, Senior Consultant, Leading Consultant
Activities performed
  • Preparing the proposals on improvement of legislation in the field of nuclear energy;
  • Expertise of international agreements and processing of international laws on international economic relations, investment activities, scientific and technological cooperation, support to attraction of international (financial) technical assistance, addressing the issues related to Ukraine's participation in the IMF, IBRD, EBRD, IFC, WTO
Name of Assignment/Project Reconstruction of THPP of Food Industry Facilities
Year 1988 – 1992
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Client Design Institute “Pivdenzakhiddiproharchprom”
Main project features Preparing the design proposals for replacement or reconstruction of steam generators, turbines, pumping installations, steam lines etc. of THPP for sugar factories (Cherkassky, Shpanivskyy, Horohivskyy, Kamyanskyy, etc.), Kiev margarine factory, Andrushovskoho, Kamyanskoho distilleries etc.
Positions held Engineer of III category, thermal power engineer
Activities performed Assistant to the Chief Engineer while auditing the heat generating equipment, preparing the proposals and drawings

State awards

  • Honorary Certificate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (Decree of the CMU # 1601, 25/11/2004);
  • Lapel badge "Civil Service of Ukraine" for Honest Work "(Decree of the Board of the Chief Directorate of Civil Service Administration of Ukraine, # 100 \ 2006- в, 21/06/2006);
  • Lapel badge "Honorary Employee of Housing", II level (Order of the Minister, 17/08/2009, # № 69 "n")
  • Departmental encouraging distinction of the NERC of Ukraine "For Merit" (Decree of the Head # 24-n, 26.11.2009)